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You versus SPELLAN.

You keep your winnings.

SPELLAN donates his.

Bet against the Epsilon Esports' leader SPELLAN on your favorite esports at Vie.gg, and get your first bet free!

If you win, keep all your winnings. If SPELLAN wins, he will donate his winnings to Teach For Bulgaria!

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The teachers supported by this program work in some of the most high-need schools and communities, where children often lack access to quality education due to factors out of their control.

In Bulgaria, children from minorities and low-income families perform worse in school; Bulgaria has the highest dropout rate in Europe at 21.5% - something which Teach For Bulgaria seeks to change.

When SPELLAN wins matches on Vie.gg from now until the end of May, he'll accumulate his winnings to donate to Teach For Bulgaria. Look to his twitter (@SPELLANCSGO) to see when he places a bet, and you can try to take him down. Every bet either puts money in your pocket, or increases his donation to Teach For Bulgaria - it's a win-win for everyone!

Learn more about Teach For Bulgaria here: https://zaednovchas.bg/en/

Teach For Bulgaria is a charity that supports teachers in Bulgaria with both training and financial help.

"I will donate my winnings from Vie.gg to Teach For Bulgaria because I know that the life in Bulgaria is really hard for some children that deserve a better life. I feel very proud and happy that I am able to help them with something."

Teodor Nikolov, aka SPELLAN, IGL for Espilon Esports CSGO

This promotion is approved by the Esports Integrity Coalition.

SPELLAN and the rest of Epsilon Esports will be using money provided by Vie.gg to place their bets, and will not profit in any way on any won bets.

All winnings by all participating Epsilon Esports players will be donated to the charities they've selected, at the end of the promotional period.

Epsilon Esports players will not be betting on their own matches, nor on any matches in tournaments in which they are participating - so don't fear any collusion or match fixing.

Promotional accounts will be heavily monitored by Vie.gg to ensure that no suspicious or unfair bets are placed.

Please visit the ESIC's website at https://www.esportsintegrity.com/ to learn more about how companies like Vie.gg and ESIC are working to keep competition sacred in esports!

Compete against the pros!

Make sure you follow the Epsilon Esports CSGO pro Twitters to see when they'll be placing bets on matches at Vie.gg. You can try to snipe their bet on the exchange for your chance to win big! 

At the end of May 2019, each pro will donate his winnings to his charity of choice - while if you beat them you get to keep everything.

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