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  • K1to donates his winnings to Holidays From Cancer at the end of the promotion!

This promotion is approved by the Esports Integrity Coalition.

K1to and the rest of Epsilon Esports will be using money provided by to place their bets, and will not profit in any way on any won bets.

All winnings by all participating Epsilon Esports players will be donated to the charities they've selected, at the end of the promotional period.

Epsilon Esports players will not be betting on their own matches, nor on any matches in tournaments in which they are participating - so don't fear any collusion or match fixing.

Promotional accounts will be heavily monitored by to ensure that no suspicious or unfair bets are placed.

Please visit the ESIC's website at to learn more about how companies like and ESIC are working to keep competition sacred in esports!

The treatment processes for cancer are often not easy, fast, cheap, or painless. Beyond the physical toll, the emotional and time drain that cancer causes on both the patient and their family is immense.

House on Bernsteinsee (Haus am Bernstein-See) gives those families a chance to escape into the lovely German countryside where they can get fresh air, absorb sunlight, and recharge their emotional batteries.

Your participation in this promotion will help House on Bernsteinsee reach their goal of building another housing block, which will allow another 80 families per year to visit the grounds and give their children some much-needed rest.

With 75% of the participants being children with leukemia, we couldn't think of a better group to help.

Learn more about Holidays From Cancer here:

Holidays From Cancer (through Haus am Bernstein-See) provides a unique and relaxing getaway location for children who suffer from cancer and their families.

"I will donate all my winnings to Holidays From Cancer, because it breaks my heart that little kids have to deal with such a terrible thing so early in life."

Nils Gruhne, aka K1to, entry fragger for Espilon Esports CSGO

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